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I was all set to write about seeing "The Importance of Being Earnest" last night and as I started to write it out, I realized I'm not a literary or theatre critic. Rather, I'm the kid who reads books, listens to a lot of music, watches movies, and, in this instance, saw a play, and got excited and wants everyone to see/hear/experience it, much in the same way that I did. You see, that's me. I miss a lot of life's marks, but when it comes to experiences, and experiencing things, I'm the guy you want in your group. I cry, I laugh and, usually, I drive.

Seeing good theatre is like seeing a great band or, really, seeing a great movie by yourself. That's where "Friday Night Lights" comes in. It's this movie that should, really, have never entered my radar. (Spoiler alert: I don't care much for American football ...) But, like most amazing things, it found its way in. This movie is not really about football. (My Texas relatives, I apologize.) Rather, it's a movie about what matters. And, even more, about who matters.

I have seen it no less than a million times and today I bought the Blu-Ray, so I can, well, watch it a million more. Yes, I'm biased because "Explosions In The Sky" did the soundtrack and they are one of my favorite bands, but really it's so much more. Sure, the movie is about doing the impossible, with less than what you thought you had. But, really, I'm sure, there's a bigger message. (Chances are, I'm entirely incorrect.)

This movie, and its message, is about survival. The bleak color scheme, the awkward and mostly unknown cast (sans Billy Bob Thornton and an evil Tim McGraw) and the backdrop of a rural Texas that most of us, let's be honest, will never know, is something we ought to hold on to. Our lives are brilliant. Really, our lives our brilliant.

Just for a minute though, that message resonates so well for me. And, it should for you also. Every day for us is that game where we as Permian stand off against a mightier team. The thing is they did it. Permian won most of time. They beat what everyone saw as obstacles. They accomplished something they never should have without Boobie Miles.

We can too. I once had a friend, a very wise and musically-inclined friend, who said to me, "Greg, the thing is, if you want it, it's yours. If you want to meet Ke$ha, you can. If you want to meet Craig Finn, it's possible. Nothing, really, is out of your reach, unless you decide it is."

I might never meet Ke$ha or Craig Finn, let's face it, I'm pretty shy, but that really isn't the point. The point is the world is out there. Grab on to it. Listen to it. Take it for a ride. And, maybe, when you get back, let me know what it was like.

PS My friend's name was Chris and he's married and lives in Canada of all places. That being said, his advice, the advice that he gave me, is something I will never forget.

PPS Permian for State Champs 2012!

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