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Stockholm … For A Day …

Well, 27 hours really, let's be honest. (Flight time? 19 hours.)

Highlights? Meeting someone amazing. Stunningly beautiful clear skies. And, elk for dinner.

Upon arrival in the basically empty Stockholm-Arnanda Airport, I followed my DL202 flight team into the main terminal.

A taxi ride into town, hotel check-in and it was time to explore. Cameras in hand and woefully unprepared for the slushy sidewalks and streets (my Bacco Bucci's are still in surgery), I rolled though Stockholm under seriously sunny skies. By rolled, I mean walked. And, walked. And, walked. Punctuated by a delish lunch at De Svarta Faren (The Black Sheep! Someone call the Tomasinos!) and stumbling onto the changing of the guard at the royal residence (aka Stockholm Palace).

Back at the hotel after dark to shower and rest and then dinner at Restaurang Agaton. A table by the picture windows overlooking the cobblestone street, with a huge candelabra to light the table. Sadly, I skipped the carpaccio appetizer (which I'm guessing was killer), but the elk entree was unreal. Also, potato strudel. (It's like someone said, "Hey Mister Culverlake, how about we mix your two fav foods into one absurdly life-changing side." Yeah, that.) And somehow I don't have a single photo of this madness.

Drinks at a bar. Staying up til 3AM. Waking up at 9AM and grabbing a super delish breakfast at the hotel before I jumped in another taxi and went back to the airport.

The flight stories I'll leave out, but I can say this ... Getting bumped onto an Air France flight (ARN-CDG,CDG-JFK) included a move into a better class, Air France socks and an amenity kit. Also, mushroom risotto and a hard-backed seat. And, there I was Monday morning at my bleak desk in my bleak office with a smile that the Cheshire Cat could be jealous of.

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  1. oh this is such a beautiful post! please won’t you write more often? what is a bacco bucci? and don’t you love little amenity kits? and you used the word candelabra, that’s one of my faves. i don’t understand why there is no food in these pictures though.

  2. Too funny Gregory! I did write a comment earlier this morning and apparently did something wrong causing the post to be forever lost in space. Ahh the joys of seniorhood! Anyway, i will try again because i refuse to give in to age and frustration!
    So, how wonderful to see the changing of the guard and the beautiful architecture and the food you described sounded interesting. So now you eat elk? Where was “this” kid when i was trying to fix interesting meals? Hey, maybe just maybe you have expanded your horizons! As I have said for years, you write so well and have such intuitive observations that shows your intelligence. You use your talents well. I am so proud to say you are my son but don’t think i can take much credit for the wonderful man you have become. Let’s see if this post makes it to pubication! Love you! Mom

  3. Sounds like the little country I affectionately owe 1/2 my heritage to made quite an impression. Nicely done on going all that way for such a short trip. That’s my kind of adventure!

    Side note: I’m with Molly. Next time more photographs of the food! After all, you’ve made us hungry, the least you could do is provide food porn 😉

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