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goodbye, goodnight

today is the birthday of my best friend .

i lost my best friend just short of three years ago .

the world has been a different place ever since . why?

it misses his smile .

it misses his ability to make everything ok .

it misses our talent for making fun .

i run at half power ever since .

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  1. *hug* I know how devastating the loss of a best friend can be. I am ever so sorry for your loss and I understand no words can really heal this pain; we often wonder why the suffering hurts so much. I offer my condolences and love; and to always remember the good times you had together. It’s always best to appreciate knowing each other and having that precious time together; for life is just way too short.

  2. So sorry to hear about the loss of your friend but at least you knew him and you two shared many great moments! Here’s a virtual hug from me to you… {{hug!}}

  3. I can’t fully comprehend your loss, but I can just begin to imagine. The hairs on my arms stand up just considering what happen if I lost Katra. 30 years of memories on Feb 2nd, if I ever lost her I would not know how to keep breathing.

    Is it any comfort knowing that your sharing your pain is an encouragement to me to appreciate every moment I do have with my best friend? My hope for you someday is that you have someone, not a new best friend necessarily, but someone – who can make things ok and make fun out of nothing at all.